Top Accredited Courses Offered in Leadpreneur Academy

Top Accredited Courses Offered in Leadpreneur Academy

Top Accredited Courses Offered in Leadpreneur Academy – Benin Republic 

These are degree programs that show big opportunity because they’re in demand, unusual, and providing a service that not many schools provide – some of the most unique university programs in the world.

Getting nearer to the end of secondary school you’re most likely bombed with all kinds of ideas about what you should study next.


Your parents say, ‘Choose something that will help you make a good living like Business, Medicine or Engineering.’ Your cousin says, “Go for something more cool and interesting like photography or fine arts.” And your friends say, ‘Let’s go to a fun degree like studying why the Cardigans of the 1940s are back in fashion.’


But the truth is that you really don’t know what you want to do for a good part of your life (honestly, who does?). Well, don’t worry about that. You’re not the only one here. Study figures show that about a third of secondary school students don’t decide what Bachelor’s or profession they want to try.


The best way to face the “I don’t know what to do” panic is to consider which are the most flexible Bachelor’s disciplines and give you time to decide what is the best profession you can train for. Here are the top ten choices:

Sure, most people are content with traditional, tried-and-true professions like the Banker, Teacher. Doctor, Nurse. But there are other people who can’t do that.




Choosing a Bachelor of Science (BSc) is an academic effort that demonstrates the development of your skills. It’s an undergraduate degree that takes three years to complete and shows that you have a broad knowledge base for the workforce.

What’s a B.Sc. in music?

This degree reflects on the technologies behind today’s music industry.

This program helps students develop aptitude and self-confidence while building the real-life skills needed to succeed as a professional musician by providing a strong foundation for the fundamentals of music, including harmony, vision reading, and repertoire.

Not only can you concentrate on publishing and publicity, but you will also learn industry principles that assist you with distribution and promotion. You should also look at the rules on music and ethics in order to be well-versed in all ways of working with other practitioners.

In addition, you can take a number of basic classes in communication, history, and mathematics to complete your education.

When you finish a bachelor’s degree in music, you’ll have a lot of experience dealing with those in the music industry at a professional level.

This means that you can make the most of your future efforts. With your music degree, you are ready for an entry-level position in a recording studio or advertising organization that focuses on musicians and artists.

Through your experience, you will work as a tour manager, in partnership with video game producers, or in sports media. Once you have completed your Bachelor’s degree, you may want to pursue your Master’s degree in a specific field that would make you even more valuable in the industry. Many people with a BSc in Music are entrepreneurs who wish to extend their experience to their own business needs.




Many individuals pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art have chosen to explore abstract, stylized, and realistic approaches to art. This degree offers useful insights into advanced art methods, providing an analysis of art history and Western art.


What is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Studies? The curriculum focuses on students who are planning to pursue a career in art or to prepare for specialized graduate studies. It emphasizes the specific artistic, academic, and career development of fine arts disciplines. Program participants will learn about the foundation of portfolio development, including the cultivation of global design and material exploration. Students can work in careers in drawing, writing, painting, community museums, film and television, music theater, dance, and sculpture.


These initiatives and research are of interest to those who wish to make progress with their careers and learn at higher levels of education. The courses can vary but mostly concentrate on lithography, aquarelle painting, advanced figure drawing, still life painting, silkscreen, and composition and painting. These in-depth courses allow students to enhance their experience in the field of fine arts by working closely with their chosen field of study professionals.


Institutions around the world and across the universities in Benin Republic have different costs for their courses.


After an individual obtains a bachelor’s degree, they can find work in a variety of fields. Graphic design is one such field. A graduate can also work as the owner of an art gallery. They can also work in production companies and sculpture studios. Other career options include professional musicians, designers, art teachers, writers, art directors, and actors.



Okay, an undergraduate degree in nursing might sound really specialized, and you may guess it’s not on this list. So let’s just give it a second chance. A degree in nursing can pave the way for studies in human medicine and become a doctor, but it can also be used in many other ways.


You can use it to develop careers such as Nurse Midwife, Nurse Educator, Nurse Manager, Nurse Researcher, and even Legal Nurse Consultant. It turns out that nursing can be mixed with science, law, industry, and education. Really cool we’re going to say.





If you have a thing for words – written or spoken – you can launch your higher education with a degree in Journalism and Communications. Public speaking courses, etiquette theory, mass media, and popular culture can train you for a number of occupations, including a journalist, news reporter, PR, or event planning.


You can also conveniently mix a Bachelor’s degree with a degree in a wide variety of areas, including finance, social sciences, art, and even technical studies, such as environmental studies or natural sciences.




The IT industry has some of the best-paid roles in the world, and a degree in computer science will give you direct access to a lot of them, particularly if you can combine your technical expertise with business acumen and other transferable skills.

Many software engineers hold a degree in computer science, but if programming is not your bag, there are openings in other areas, such as networking, design, and cloud management. If you’re confused, you can thoroughly upgrade and consolidate your skills while you progress through postgraduate studies and other sought-after business credentials.




What is public health?

Public health is a science and art that promotes health, prevents disease and injury, and prolongs life through organized social efforts.

Classes can include general science, genetics, economics, history, psychology, and even epidemiology. The coursework consists of classroom teaching and clinical review or likely academic testing. People who want a job based on helping others to better their quality of life may want to consider this educational course.


While focusing on the study of public health, students may acquire skills that will be valuable in many ways. They tend to improve critical thought and problem-solving skills, as well as to enhance communication and leadership skills that are useful for work or personal life.

The degree will train students who are engaged in seeking health-related careers in health promotion, program implementation, wellness communication, community organization, and behavioral change for entry-level and mid-level roles in service and study in government services, public health agencies, faith-based groups, outreach initiatives, hospitals, private health organizations.

The B.Sc. The Public Health curriculum is intended to cater to students with an interest in “community” rather than “individual” wellbeing.




The legislation is another highly sustainable sector that is fighting the STEM barrage.

Becoming a lawyer offers a wide variety of career opportunities, including the ability to practice in whichever area you find most fascinating (or, perhaps, financially lucrative).

While there are now steps in several countries to make the legal route more open to non-graduates, a law degree is still a very significant step towards securing a teaching contract and passing the bar.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to pursue a legal profession, a law degree is often strongly regarded in other fields, including real estate, politics, or even customer representation.

You don’t really want to become a doctor, but you’re drawn to legal problems. So, what can you do with it? The best way to achieve this is to opt for an advanced degree in the larger field of legal studies.

In this field, you will concentrate on topics such as Criminology, Justice, International Law, Business Law, etc. It’s a perfect way to launch a career as a legal analyst – for authorities or businesses.


Later, when you choose an area that you’re particularly concerned about (such as the atmosphere or human rights, to name only two), you can move ahead and specialize with a Master’s degree. For a degree in Legal Sciences, it is also very convenient to pursue a range of graduate studies, such as Business or virtually any specialty in Social Science.





A BSc (Bachelor of Science) is an undergraduate degree that will lead to a career in the field of research.

The majority of classes are focused on technology or science-related topics, but most students still learn a number of general subjects. What’s a BSc in the Medical Laboratory? The program prepares students to work as medical laboratory technicians.


Medical Laboratory Science is a study of the scientific principles underlying disciplines practiced in hospital and medical research laboratories, including toxicology, hematology, histology, tissue culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, medical microbiology, human physiology, clinical chemistry, genetics, immunology, parasitology, cytology, and instrumental analysis.

Medical laboratory scientists play a major role in helping to diagnose and treat diseases. There is an increasing shortage of medical laboratory scientists all over the world.

There are also several opportunities for postgraduate research, either in surgical laboratory sciences or in one of the associated health sciences, such as forensic pathology or molecular pathology.





The oil industry is the backbone of any country’s economy especially Nigeria, both directly and indirectly. With the increase in the number of cars each year, the demand for crude oil and its components has increased considerably over the years.



Courses such as Petrochemical Engineering are underscored by institutes for the development of industrial technology. The course is a sub-part of Chemical Engineering that focuses on methods and processes related to the refining of petroleum and other chemicals found in crude oil.



The course incorporates the fundamental principles of topics such as chemistry, physics, economics, mathematics and geology. The courses provide insight into modern logical development mechanisms and technologies for the easy extraction of crude oil within economic boundaries.



As the industry is often short-lived in entry-level professionals, students with sufficient guidance and degrees can quickly find high-paying work and improve the reliability of the industry.




The creation of the Human Resources (HR) Department is crucial to the smooth running and activity of the company. Both factors that establish a culture of discipline within the company are taken care of by the HR department, from pay to staff laws and regulations to benefits and leave policies.

Whether it’s a small-scale industry or a conglomerate, human resources serve as a pillar to hold the enterprise upright 24/7.

The course would encourage you to become an active part of the organization that operates for the welfare of workers in order to increase the effectiveness of the company.


Human Resources staff takes responsibility and honesty, as this group is responsible for the vital human capital that is at the center of the company.

From the day the employee is hired before he/she remains with the companies, all the conditions of the employee in terms of pay, health services, preparation, evaluation, advancement, complaints are the responsibility of the HR department. The HR Boss oversees the day-to-day operations of the companies and also formulates strategies and initiatives that are oriented towards the long-term retention of workers.

The length of the human resource management certificate program is 3 years.

The curriculum of the Certificate Program is designed to help students learn how to deal with human resource challenges and issues. Students train for professional qualification by learning important subjects.

This thriving field has opened the door to lots of high-paying jobs in the private sector and other sectors as well.





If you love tech and you’re a little artsy, you can’t go wrong with a Graphic Design Bachelors Degree. Even if you can’t see what you want to do in the long run right now, the graphic design certainly gives you a lot of options.


Here are a few examples of the amazing things you could do: logo design, photography, game design, book and magazine illustrations, Photoshop, and so on. So, Graphic design is completely worth considering.


Education is just what you make of it

We hope we’ve given you some good ideas to play with when you try to decide what to study, even if you’re not quite sure what kind of profession is right for you.


Of course, it’s impossible to be confident if you’ve ever selected the best degree, because, just because there are decent career opportunities because of financial security at the end of that, it doesn’t mean that it’s inherently the best degree for you.

However, as a starting point, there are some excellent choices to explore and hopefully, we have given you some inspiration as you launch the university application process.  There are even more courses to consider, See a list here

Soon, you’re going to university? What are the requirements you need for Admission?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!




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