Leadpreneur Academy Campus Studies – Benin Republic

Leadpreneur Academy Campus Studies – Benin Republic

Can school be more about lifestyle, fun, and career development rather than books and grades?

With Leadpreneur Academy campus studies, the answer is YES.

School life can be very hectic for students at times. From long lectures to reading, doing assignments, writing tests, and exams, students find these activities really tiresome and not-so-much-fun.

And when school is all about books and grades, it’s difficult for students to find motivation and focus and really enjoy their stay in school.

We at Leadpreneur Academy believe that lifestyle, career/talent development, and a little bit of fun are fundamental in any student’s educational journey.

Studying at Leadpreneur Academy will give you all the life experiences and positive impacts you cannot get elsewhere.

  • Superfast and efficient academic calendar. Earn your BSc degree within 3 years or less.
  • The school’s campus is the right atmosphere any student would desire to be in. Located in the city of Cotonou; in a serene environment in close proximity to the beach.
  • The student week is one which every student looks forward to. The week is filled with so many activities which allow every single student to showcase their skills and talents through activities such as debate, arts, and crafts, sport, public speaking. The week is crowned with a glamorous dinner party
  • Right in Leadpreneur Academy school campus is a well-equipped recording studio open for students. Music recording beat making, voice over, radio, podcasts, music production and so much more takes place in the studio. Students studying courses like musicology, mass communication, journalism have the studio at their disposition for practical. While other students who wish to improve on their talents like singing, voice-over, music production can also use the studio when dimmed fit.
  • Thousands of tourists troop into Benin republic every year and as a student of Leadpreneur Academy, you will also have the opportunity to visit tourist attraction sites in Benin Republic, such as Grand popo, Lake nokoue, Door of No Return in Ouidah, Ouidah Museum
  • If there is one thing Benin Republic is known for, it is stable light and water. As a student, having clean water, Wi-Fi and constant light to charge your phone, laptops and other gadgets is a guarantee.
  • The Republic of Benin is one of the most prosperous and stable nations in West Africa. The rate of crime is low and defense is adequately improved. The nation has political and economic stability. This offers students strong protection and a better learning atmosphere.
  • Partake in Leadpreneur Academy Leadership and entrepreneurial seminars and workshop




Leadpreneur Academy is a world-class Academic platform in partnership with world-class universities across the globe to produce world-class graduates and leaders.

You can study on our campus and be awarded by Accredited and recognized universities in Benin Republic and worldwide

Some of these partnering schools include:


Courses Offered at Leadpreneur Academy

Leadpreneur Academy Campus Studies – The basic entry requirements 

  • O’level Certificate/Result
  • A’level Certificate (for direct entry)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport Photograph


Leadpreneur Academy Campus Studies – Admission process

Leadpreneur Academy’s admission process is so simple and straightforward.

There are no unnecessary protocols, no hectic process, and guess what? Everything can be done online.

Yes, you do not need to come down to campus in Benin Republic for registration except you choose to.

The first admission procedure is to fill a simple application form.

Next, send the required documents for screening; once your documents have been screened you can then proceed with the payment for your application fee after which you will receive your admission letter within 48 hours.

Complete your registration, resume, and begin your studies!

It can’t be any easier than this

The new academic session is scheduled to begin on September 6th. The slot for this session is almost full, lock in your spot now and earn your degree with ease.

Studying with Leadpreneur Academy gives you the educational experience and advantage over your peers. What matters most to us is not just your grades but the life skills you learn and the impact you have as an entrepreneur and leader in your society and the world at large.

For more inquiries, feel free to send us an email via contactus@leadpreneuracademy.org or call/WhatsApp +22990830048



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