10 Tips For Online Learners

tips for online learners leadpreneur academy benin

tips for online learners leadpreneur academy benin
10 Tips for online studies

2. Apply Your Time Management Skills

Whatever time management skills you have, now is the time to apply them. Proper time management is one of the ways you can handle pressure when working online, whether you are a student or an eLearning professional. When you learn to allocate time to accomplish tasks before your deadlines, you hardly feel the pressure.

tips for online learners leadpreneur academy benin

Here are some tips

  • As an online student or eLearning professional, create a timetable that includes all your activities for the day.
  • Write down tasks you need to work on and their deadlines on a sheet of paper, and put it on the wall in your workspace. It will remind you of the tasks at hand.
  • Create realistic plans you can achieve within a given timeframe. Do not make your tasks too big to handle. You can break them down into smaller tasks.
  • Create deadlines for each task. Time management



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