A Volunteer

You can also become a volunteer

Leadpreneur Academy is based on the premise that education is crucial to the advancement of individuals and society at large. Millions of people around the world, especially in developing countries, are excluded from higher education for various reasons. As a volunteer in Leadpreneur Academy, you help make the dream of attainable academic education anywhere come true. We will be glad if you become one.

Leadpreneur Academy needs you!

Volunteer in Leadpreneur Academy, whether it’s creating, organizing or reviewing course materials, mentoring students or hosting discussion groups,Leadpreneur Academy has many different exciting volunteer opportunities for everyone.

Fits Your Schedule

Leadpreneur Academy can work with you to provide rewarding experiences, whatever your schedule.

An Interdisciplinary Effort

Leadpreneur Academy needs volunteers with a variety of backgrounds, talents and levels of expertise. Your professional skills and experience will help to guide Leadpreneur Acadmey students in their quest for knowledge.