TIKTOK Thursday is an every Thursday contest at Leadpreneur Academy that allows students to showcase their talents, gift, academic display and fun-skills in order to stand a chance of winning a prize or recognition by the University’s Social Director.
This is to encourage students to have a socially engaged lifestyle aside using the rest of their time to improve academically.
All students, academical/non -academical staff, including parents and friends are allowed to participate in the fun the talented and skilled students have to display.
The TIKTOK THURSDAY is thus a social event which is targeted at Educational purpose.. The event will take place on every Thursdays of the week. Counting from this coming Thursday to the next week’s Thursday for the 1st Edition.


• Do a video of your choice wearing the LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY Students T-Shirt.
• Post a content that will get you a prize
• Post a funny or humorous content
• Your dress sense and physical appearance may attract a prize.
• Post a clean/clear video
• Post a properly edited content
• Send your video to the TIKTOK Manager
• Your video will be shared on Leadpreneur Academy’s social media platforms ( Tiktok, facebook page and Instagram)
• All participants are expected to follow LPA TIKTOK to view the videos as they will be shared.
• Everyone has a week (Thursday -Thursday) to drop their tiktok videos


Anyone having the highest Likes ,views, and engagement wins the contest.
 A winner emerges every week and is given a prize. If same winner wins three times in a month, he / she receives a MEGA PRIZE. 
Weekly Prize include :
1. Food for a week( sponsor by leadicious)
2. LPA Varsity Shirt and Cap
3. Cash Prize.
Over 10,000 Naira weekly Give Away!!!
Winners takes all. One winner every week. Education for the industrialization of Africa.
Leadership and Entrepreneurship Academy

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