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Last Updated: April 19, 2021

The mission of LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY is to help individuals and organizations earn mastery skills that provide a professional foundation basis in all human endeavors. To train individuals, both young and old young experts in their passionate niches or fields with core leadership values.


  1. General Introduction

Placing students at the center of the educational experience, LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY provides undergraduate and graduate education that facilitates learning within and across disciplines through integrative approaches, emphasizes experiential and service learning, and graduate students with multicultural and international perspectives.


It should be emphasized at the outset that this policy document does not signal any fundamental change in LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY’S commitment to this mission. Indeed, the strength of LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY will come from its continued commitment to its current mission. The challenges and opportunities associated with online education should be viewed as an opportunity to rethink the policies, processes and structures that support LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY’S mission.


The following assumption forms the foundation of this document:

A course is a course. Quality expectations, academic control and faculty and student rights for online course experiences should be equivalent to those for face-to-face or campus courses.

Students taking Distance and Online Education courses at LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY are entitled and held to the same student rights and responsibilities as on campus students.


Distance Education students also must be aware of other relevant policies and academic regulations, including those pertaining to admission, registration, enrollment, supervision, refund of student charge.



  1. Definitions


Distance Education means education that uses one or more of the technologies enumerated below to deliver instruction to students who are separated from the instructor and to support regular and substantive interaction between the students and the instructor, either synchronously or asynchronously. The technologies may include: course materials, videos, audio and video conferences, emails and other relevant forms of communication




All courses:


  • Broadband or high-speed connection
  • Ability to play YouTube videos
  • Access to a mobile device, a desktop or laptop computer
  • Microsoft Applications such as word and excel
  • A browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.


Online Students are expected to have the following technology requirements and know how to use them. Students who do not have the above requirements or do not know how to use them are obligated to get them and learn how to use them effectively as these requirements are very necessary for online studies.




  1. Student support


LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY recognizes that not all students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities that teaching and learning in an online environment can present. Students are encouraged to access the Chat option on their dashboard for technical assistance in their classes.

Instances of academic misconduct or conflict in a Distance and Online Education course will be handled within 1 week and this requires the meeting of the school board members.


Additional Options for Student Complaints


Here are the current procedures for students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate online courses.


  • Speak directly to the person against whom you have a complaint. If not resolved,
  • Speak to the student support representative by sending a message through your dashboard or via WhatsApp. If not resolved,
  • Send an email to the student support email, contactus@leadpreneuracademy.org.




  1. Forfeit and refund


Fees paid to LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY are non-refundable. Before making any deposit, students are expected to be well-informed.

In the event that a student who has yet to start studies changes his or her mind after paying tuition and other charges, LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY will only repay 60% of the tuition charged.

Semesters and sessions, on the other hand, can be delayed or rescheduled if a student is unable to cope for personal or other reasons.


  1. Third party conflict resolution


In the event that a student has a disagreement or misunderstanding with a third party who works for or with LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY (which may include affiliates, partners, agents, supervisors etc .) The school board deliberated on the issue for 1 week before taking a course of action.



  1. Course and Program Assessment


Courses and programs should be held to the same standard regardless of the mode of instruction. Assessment of online and blended courses should be a regular part of the department’s assessment plan. Assessment should be focused on student outcomes.



  1. Student Responsibilities and Services


Criteria for student success in online instruction courses and programs shall be as rigorous and comprehensive as those used in classroom-based courses and these criteria shall be clearly communicated to students.


Any individual taking an Online program with LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY must do so by following any guidelines presented to them by the school, their instructors or supervisors during the course of their program

Any individual taking an Online program with LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY must also meet expectations for appropriate behavior.


Sexual harassment and sexual misconduct will not be tolerated in any course environment. The following acts and behaviors fall short of an Online program with LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY’s expectations wherever they occur and are therefore unacceptable within the Academy’s community: sexual comments or jokes; explicit photographs, drawings, videos, or other visual depictions (unless clearly germane to the subject matter of the course); gender-based insults, threats, slurs or put downs; and all other forms of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.


Any individual concerned about prohibited behaviors can make a report to the course instructor, to an LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY’s Online program administrator. Those involved may be removed from the course, program, and may face additional consequences.



  1. Exceptions from the LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY Online Workflow Process


It is expected that all online courses and programs affiliated with LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY will follow the academic approval processes, as well as the workflow established by the Office of the director and will meet quality and compliance standards.


Exceptions or deviations from the LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY Online workflow may be allowed and such will not compromise the quality or result in failure to adhere to the academy’s policy or Affiliated university’s obligation to the government or accrediting bodies.


  1. Student Adherence

Every student must follow and obey the code of conduct patterning to


  • Online studies
  • Online assessments
  • Project submission and defense
  • General rules and regulations of the Academy


Students should in no way or manner try to enforce their individual rules and preferences on the institution, academic instructors or supervisors. However, in the face of a challenge, students are expected to lay their complaints via the student support channels mentioned in No. 2 above.



  1. Academic Adherence

LEADPRENUR ACADEMY is obligated to listen to the concerns, complaints and suggestions of her dearest students in order to improve the standard and quality of service being delivered to students.





Before making any payments, each person is required to conduct rigorous analysis and background checks to ensure that the services offered by LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY and her partners meet his or her needs.


Every student is responsible for his or her decision to be a part of this great institution, and is thus required to obey the policies outlined above.


By completing the application form for LEADPRENUR ACADEMY, the student automatically agrees to follow LEADPRENUR ACADEMY’s policies.


For more information, please contact us via email contactus@leadpreneuracademy.org or call/WhatsApp +229 90830048





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