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  1. Please note that this is an online based examination and it’s an open invigilation process i.e. individual partakers are required to follow the instructions provided.
  2. Please be informed that the questions in this exam spans across all lesions in this course and as such candidate are advised to be aware of non-related course questions.
  3. Do not close the Exam Window or try to restart the system after clicking start Examination.
  4. Each question is followed by four alternative answer marked as A, B, C and D. The candidate shall choose the most appropriate answer to each question and mark the same through click of mouse or touch against the appropriate answer. Chosen answer will be highlighted and will automatically be saved. The questions are answered one after another within the stipulated examination time.
  5. Candidates cannot make changes in their answer already chosen/marked after clicking next question.
  6. Candidates are advised not to click the “finish” button when note done with the entire exam question as this action will not allow backwards or a return options
  7. Countdown clock will start on commencement of each examination question and will be displayed on the top of the Exam question. Note allowed time is 1 minutes for each objective question and 20 minutes for the essay questions.
  8. In case of restarting / shut down of computer due to technical reasons, immediately report the same to the organizing body (leadpreneuracademy). Answers already marked and time of the examination will be saved and the candidate will be able to resume the examination from the exact point that last appeared before him/her.
  9. Note the total time for the examination is 2 hrs.
  10. Make sure you are fully ready to start the exam before clicking the start examination button
  11. Good Luck and Success.