Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic offers online/distance learning, professional programs, and on-campus  University Degree Programs for B.sc degrees, Master’s degrees, and Professional courses in the Benin Republic.

Technology advances have made it feasible to study online for professional programs provided by universities on the other side of the world and to graduate with qualifications that are equivalent in value, reputation, and recognition to degrees earned on a traditional campus.

The Leadpreneur Academy professional programs are designed for everyone, including high school students, undergraduates, individuals seeking specialized skills, the working class who need to improve, and training staff from corporate organizations.

AT Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic We believe that if people can be trained in a specific area of competence and adopt our guiding principle of LCAG, they will be successful. There is nothing stopping such persons from earning success and becoming global company leaders if they learn, create, adapt, and grow.

These professional programs can range from three months to two years in length. Students will receive a professional diploma certificate upon completion of the program. After completing a 2-year diploma program, students will pursue a 1-year Top-up program to earn a BSc degree.

Check out some of the professional programs offered at Leadpreneur Academy;

1️. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic Photography and Photoshop Professional Programs 

The Professional Photography Program offered at Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic will give you in-depth training in all aspects of photography. Students in the program learn the techniques and strategies of a professional photographer, from photo editing and management to lighting and studio work. Aside from technical skills, you will learn how to manage the business aspects of a photography career.

Because photography is an integral part of our daily lives, one of the professional programs we offer at Leadpreneur Academy is photography and Photoshop. It’s an interesting and complete curriculum to learn here.

Furthermore, graduates of this program frequently start their own businesses in areas such as portraiture, advertising, architecture, fashion, and events photography. Some work as assistants, still- and moving-image editors, and production managers for established companies.

Others go on to university to study Fine Arts, Film Studies, Design, or Communication Studies.

2. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic Videography Professional Program

Many film enthusiasts and camera enthusiasts aspire to be videographers, but the path to becoming one is not easy. In fact, there is unlikely to be a single clear path to becoming a great videographer. Before they can advance in their chosen careers, a videographer must first study the history of filmmaking, learn from others, establish a network of contacts, and hone their own skills. If you have a strong desire to become a videographer, that will undoubtedly help you along the way.

Without further hesitation, let’s look at what a videographer is and how you can become one as soon as possible!

With technological advancements changing the video industry and enhancing its growth, there is a lot of opportunity for videographers out there.

Leadpreneur Academy CotonouVideography Professional Program will empower you to work as a video producer, videographer, camera operator, grip/electrician, sound mixer, editor, or motion graphic designer. You will learn fundamental and advanced video production skills for corporate videos, commercials, training videos, narratives, documentaries, music videos, news videography, video editing, motion graphics, sound recording, editing, and design. You will also gain a broad understanding of industry-standard techniques while developing your own unique style.

3. Leadpreneur Academy, Benin Republic Video and Audio Editing Professional Program

Cutting segments (trimming), re-sequencing footage, and adding transitions and other special effects are all examples of video editing. Linear video editing is a type of video editing that employs videotape and is edited in a highly linear manner.

The primary topic of video editing in Leadpreneur Academy delves into why certain visuals and movements are visually attractive to audiences. Essentially, this is where you will discover the fundamentals of what makes anything visually appealing. Many of these topics are comparable to those taught to cinema students. As a result, both sorts of artists can work together to create the best-looking film imaginable.

Audio editing is the process of modifying audio to change its length, speed, or volume, as well as to produce new versions such as loops. Audio editing is nearly always done with a computer and audio editing software, however, in the pre-digital world, it was done with analog tape and razor blades by splicing and taping. The professional program is designed for students who are passionate about sound and music and want to learn how to utilize the Pro Tools advanced digital audio workstation for sound and music production, recording, and editing.

4. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic Graphic Design Professional Program

 Leadpreneur Academy Graphic Design is a program that prepares you to work as a professional designer. Whether the goal is to market a product, promote an image, or present a concept in a captivating and memorable way, graphic design majors study how to express a message to a specific audience. Internships give graduates the experience they need to advance in the field and teach them how graphic design is used in marketing, manufacturing, and communications.

Graphic Design is a Professional Program that combines a study of timeless design principles with an understanding of historical and current design trends. To establish a thorough portfolio and advance in the sector, learn from professionals.

Graphic design has an impact on both visual and social culture. Graphic design fundamentals such as exciting ideas, effective communication, and historical context are essential for anyone working in the field.

5. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Web Design Professional Program

Leadpreneur Academy Web design is the creation of websites that are displayed on the internet. It usually refers to the user experience aspects of website development rather than software development.

A web designer is an IT professional who is in charge of designing a website’s layout, visual look, and usability. A professional web designer should be able to combine both creative and technical abilities. They must be able to envision how a site will appear (its graphical design) and how it will function (conversion of a design into a working website).

The Professional Program in Web Development and Design will provide you with the tools and techniques you need to understand front-end and back-end Web development languages, tools, and applications.

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6. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic Makeup Professional Program

A makeup artist (MUA) is a person who applies makeup and prosthetics to others for theater, television, film, fashion, magazines, and other similar productions, including all aspects of the modeling industry.

However, in Leadpreneur Academy, becoming a professional makeup artist requires more than just passion and creativity; it also requires practice, education, certification requirements, and some business savvy. Continue reading to learn what it takes to become a professional makeup artist. As a result, at Leadpreneur Academy, we provide the best.

7. Leadpreneur Academy, Benin Republic Hairdressing Professional Program

Hairstyling (or hairdressing) is a job that never goes out of style. Hairstyling jobs are generally portrayed as glamorous, but staying on top of modern hairdressing trends, learning the latest techniques in coloring and styling, as well as mastering the business skills required for client management, takes a lot of effort. Hairstyling schools can help you prepare for a competitive profession in the beauty business.

In order to write the provincial certification exam and receive a hairstylist license, most hairdressing programs require students to complete an apprenticeship.

 Leadpreneur Academy hairdressing professional qualifications enable students to start and advance their careers as hairdressers, barbers, wigmakers, and salon managers. In the hairdressing profession, salon assistants can swiftly advance. There are numerous options to work as a manager, trainer, or business owner.

8. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic Bead making Professional Program

Beadwork is the art or craft of stringing beads onto a thread or tiny wire with a sewing or beading needle or stitching beads to fabric.

Bead-making is a very profitable program we offer at Leadpreneur Academy with a lot of money-making possibilities if you know your craft and target market. Beading does not necessitate a lot of room or much technical knowledge, so you may perform it in the corner of your home.

9. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Music Professional Program

In Leadpreneur Academy, this one-of-a-kind program is designed to help you pursue your passion for music while also providing you with the skills necessary to succeed in today’s music industry. Develop your creative and business acumen for professions in digital audio production, live entertainment, entrepreneurship, and other music-related fields. The program introduces you to a wide range of experiences, such as music principles, studio and live production, and music business. You’ll have access to sophisticated studios and facilities, as well as interesting internship opportunities with industry players and cutting-edge startups because you’ll be in the heart of the Canadian music business.

Professional musicians compose, perform, and record their own music. Musicians are paid to entertain, excite, and inspire others. They can perform individually, in a band, or as part of an orchestra. From guitars, saxophones, and clarinets to cellos, organs, and synthesizers, professional musicians play a wide range of instruments.

10.  Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic French Professional Program

 Leadpreneur Academy professional French programs are designed to help you communicate effectively in French in everyday, professional, and academic circumstances.

As a Professional French major or minor, you will be taught by professors who are native or near-native speakers and have extensive experience living, working, and studying in French-speaking countries. You will improve your language skills by learning with the most up-to-date teaching methods and technologies.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to practice your French and learn about French culture through on-campus extracurricular activities and our study abroad program in Cannes, France.

11. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Dance & Choreography Professional Program

Leadpreneur Academy Dance programs provide you with specialized knowledge in various dance forms, dance history, choreography, community dance, arts administration, and the commercial and business aspects of dance and the performing arts.

A dance degree also teaches transferable skills that are highly valued by employers of all types.

The majority of dance degree students supplement their education by creating, producing, and performing their own work. This allows you to gain experience in other skills of the performance process, such as operations and administration; you can also gain experience in marketing, ticketing, and event management by working on your own projects.

12. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic Fashion and Styling Professional Program

This Professional Program is about putting together clothing and fashion pictures that are centered on a theme. fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, commercials, e-commerce, look books, fashion shows, fashion videos, and private clients.

 Leadpreneur Academy Students will learn about the various fashion styling genres and the skills required for each through hands-on projects and real-world experiences in each module…

Students will learn about the various fashion styling genres and the skills required for each through hands-on projects and real-world experiences in each module..

13. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Modeling Professional Program

 Leadpreneur Academy Modeling Program has become an appealing profession as a result of this, as well as the global expansion of the fashion business. Modeling is the art of knowing how to walk, move, and present clothing in the best possible light in order to help generate demand for it. A career as a model has numerous advantages. You learn skills that will help you to be more poised and confident.

14. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Benin Republic Catering  Professional Program

The Catering Professional Program teaches the elements of catering services, such as overseeing events and functions and collaborating with other catering services and provides the foundational skills needed for a career in the catering and events industry. Students learn how to plan for successful food preparation and how to meet beverage management requirements.

15. Leadpreneur Academy Cotonou, Voiceover Professional Program

This Leadpreneur Academy Professional Program is read from a screenplay and may be performed by someone else in the production or by a professional voice actor. The most popular technique in voice-overs is an asynchronous conversation, in which the voice-over narrates the action that is happening at the same moment. However, asynchronously is also employed in the film.

Video games and on-hold messages, as well as announcements and information at events and tourist locations, all use voice-overs. It can also be read live at events like award ceremonies. Voice-over is not to be confused with voice acting or the process of replacing dialogue with a translated version, which is referred to as dubbing or revoicing.


LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY offers you the chance to earn a BSc, MSc, or Ph.D. degree from a Benin Republic accredited university, with so much flexibility. In other words, you can have it all with LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY: international studies, a job, and family and friends! 



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