M.Sc Internet Marketing


Companies are increasingly allocating resources to (online) interactive marketing strategies such as advertising in online platforms (e.g. search engines, social networking), dynamic pricing/ promotions (e.g. daily deals) and targeting consumers using pervasive computing technologies (e.g. location based targeting in mobile platforms).


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Course Overview

Companies are increasingly allocating resources to (online) interactive marketing strategies such as advertising in online platforms (e.g. search engines, social networking), dynamic pricing/ promotions (e.g. daily deals) and targeting consumers using pervasive computing technologies (e.g. location based targeting in mobile platforms). Simultaneously, technology has also empowered consumers to have a significant voice in the success or failure of brands through social media platforms such as social networking, product reviews/ recommendations and blogs. Hence it is important for marketers to
understand the implications of these technologies, associated strategies and underlying theories for effective decision-making in digital platforms.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course, it is expected that students will be able

  •  Understand the strategic and economic issues in interactive marketing
  •  Gain some insight into the technologies that underlie various online marketing techniques
  •  Develop analytical abilities to untangle issues related to online marketing through cases
    and assignments.

Admission Requirements

Any applicant who meets the minimum entry requirements for admission into the University may be granted admission, the requirements are :

  • An A’ Level Certificate (a Degree, HND or PGD) with 2:2, Lower credit, or Pass respectively and above.
  • Transcript of the A’Level result.
  • Copy of International Passport data page.
  • A copy of CV.


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Tuition per Session

Tuition Fee = 480,000

Application = 10,000

Acceptance = 20,000

Course kit =20,000

Administrative Charges = 60,000

Project supervision = 20,000

Convocation = 40,000

Total = ₦650,000


Advanced Search Engine Optimization

Brief History of the Web

The web has become a direct marketer’s dream. In its infancy, the web was based around the core idea
of sharing knowledge. The closer your ideas are in some way aligned with this idea, the easier it will be
to promote your site.




Directories and Communities



 General Internet Topics

There is much more work to creating a successful web-based business than just SEO. Focusing exclusively on SEO is a bad call. Most sites will become more successful from using SEO techniques, but most sites will not become successful based exclusively on SEO.
This chapter is dedicated to some other web tips I have learned from my personal experiences and lists many of the books people recommended which I found helpful.


 Internet and the Law


The Internet and related technologies are removing barriers to markets, facilitating new business models, and fostering a global marketplace.

Canadian businesses are embracing the advantages of electronic commerce for business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions.
New technologies present substantial opportunities, but they also present legal and business risks.
Consider the following:
◼ the Internet and related technologies present significant risks regarding the use and protection of copyright-protected works and trade-marks;
◼ electronic communications can be used to create contracts, but to be valid and enforceable those contracts must comply with laws regarding electronic commerce, electronic evidence and Internet consumer protection;
◼ the nature of Web sites and other Internet communications, including the use of links, multimedia content, and other technologies, presents risks of inadvertently violating advertising laws;
◼ Web site development and hosting may present numerous project management and outsourcing challenges;
◼ the collection, use and disclosure of personal information present significant privacy and confidentiality issues;
◼ modern communications systems present significant business and legal risks; and
◼ the Internet presents considerable challenges for securities market participants seeking to ensure that their Internet activities comply with applicable laws, and for regulators seeking to protect investors and the integrity of capital markets.
Some of these legal and business risks have been addressed by lawmakers through the enactment of laws regarding electronic commerce, electronic evidence, Internet consumer protection, and Internet trade-mark infringement.



Developing a Web site presents numerous business and legal issues. To avoid difficulties or disputes, Web site owners and developers should enter into written agreements that set forth their respective obligations, rights, and remedies, and allocate business and legal risks.
There are usually a number of phases in a Web site development project: discovery (an assessment of the organization and its marketing approach, and the intended purposes and desired functionality of the Web site); design and planning (the creation of detailed specifications regarding the look, feel and functionality of the Web site and the project plan); development (the computer code implementation of the specifications in accordance with the project plan); acceptance testing (the testing of the Web site and the correction of bugs or deficiencies); deployment (putting the Web site into production on an Internet-connected computer); and support and maintenance (the ongoing maintenance and development of the Web site).
Like any other complex project, it is important to plan a Web site development project carefully, and to address important business and legal issues before problems arise. The following are some suggestions regarding issues commonly addressed in a Web site development agreement.



A Web site use agreement (often called “terms of use”) protects the Web site owner’s business and legal interests and limits its potential liability.

Appropriate Web site use agreement terms depend upon the nature of the Web site and the business and legal risks it presents.


Internet Marketing Campaign Development


7.5 million – that’s the number of results you get when you Google ‘the best digital marketing campaigns in the

In second place (at the time of writing) is a mention of this book – that’s not a bad start! Digital marketing – the fastest growth area of marketing we have ever witnessed – now competes for the lion’s share of an annual pot worth approximately one trillion dollars (according to advertising giant WPP).
In 2009, our first book, Understanding Digital Marketing (UDM), hit the shelves. Since then it’s been delivering a solid foundation of digital marketing know-how to practitioners around the world, and continues to do so.
We learnt a lot of valuable lessons during the writing process. Here are just a few.
Writing a book is far from easy. Although we were both very comfortable with the subject matter, and had plenty of experience and expertise to draw on, digital marketing refused to sit still. We felt a bit like portrait painters of old must have felt, trying desperately to recreate a reliable likeness of an impossibly restless child.
But when you’re tackling a subject that’s in a constant state of flux you’re prepared for that. What we weren’t prepared for was the ever-present, allconsuming nature of the process. It grows rapidly to become a roaring juggernaut that pervades every facet of your life, and that refuses to go away until the project is finished. It was an incredibly challenging, but at the same time very rewarding, experience.



The Rapid Evolution of (Digital) Marketing

Things move quickly online.

New services spring up practically overnight, and trends shift at the drop of a (virtual) hat.

As online marketers we’re on a constant learning curve, one that usually gets steeper the higher up it we manage to climb.

Keeping on top of everything that’s going on in the digital space is difficult – we know, we live and breathe it every day, and there’s always new stuff to learn. It can be overwhelming, but it’s important to take a step back, a deep breath, and to look at the bigger picture. When you tear yourself away from the day-to-day minutiae you’ll find definite macro-trends emerging that will help you as you embark on your next digital marketing adventure.


Dockers ‘pants dance

Dockers is a casual clothing brand owned by iconic US company Levi Strauss & Co. In early 2009, the company launched a brand revitalization campaign designed to put the Dockers brand front and center in the minds of active, professional, tech-savvy males.


 Internet Marketing Fundamentals

Content Marketing

Identify your audience/customer and write for that person
• Create Google Alerts to see what your audience is interested in
• Let your audience know about new




Email Marketing

Many people think that email marketing is “dead” – it’s not! Email is still one of the best ways to stay in touch.
SCORE has partnered with Constant Contact which offers an affordable and robust and easy-touse email marketing  platform.


Online Business Directories citation

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