Leadpreneur Academy Online Study admission process is so simple and straightforward.

There are no unnecessary protocols, no hectic process and guess what? Everything can be done online.

Yes, you do not need to come down to campus in Benin Republic for registration except you choose to.

The first admission procedure is to fill a simple application form.

You can find the form by clicking here. Be sure to fill the form carefully and submit it.

The data submitted in the form will be used during the admission processing.

After filling the form, you should receive a confirmation Email stating that your application has been successful and that you should forward your documents to that same email address for screening.

You should then proceed to scan send your documents.

The documents you will be required to send are those listed above in the Admission Requirements.

Students with awaiting results can still apply and send the other documents they have.

Once your documents have been screened and you are qualified for admission, you will then go ahead with the payment of your application fee which is 10,000 Naira Only.

At this point, the details of the payment would’ve been sent to you via email.

After the payment of your application fee, your admission letter will be sent to your Email address within 48 hours.

After receiving your admission letter, you will then be required to pay your acceptance fee as soon as possible in order not to forfeit your admission.

Once your acceptance fee is paid, you can then proceed with your tuition and resume immediately.

Coming up next is Leadpreneur Academy online study process.


Leadpreneur Academy online study process is one that is simple, straightforward, and convenient. 

The online study process is explained below.


After successful registration, an email containing your login details will be sent to.

This detail includes your username and password.

Study online with Leadpreneur Academy

Visit www.leadpreneuracademy.org or simply click here and be redirected.

you should find the sign-in button at the top right of the page if you are using a desktop.

On the other hand, if you are with a mobile phone, you should find that in the menu option on the top left of the page

After Clicking on the sign-in button, another page would be displayed where you should input your username and password and log in. 


To avoid login errors, it is advisable to copy the username and password from the email sent to you and past directly on the website when logging in. You can change your password in your dashboard after you are successfully logged in


Right after logging into your dashboard you could take a minute to edit your profile by adding a profile picture, cover photo, date of birth and other features in order to save your data and personalize your experience.




Study online with Leadpreneur Academy

After setting up your profile, you could then proceed to your course materials which could you accessed as displayed in the image above.


Thereafter, click on your course and that would take you to all your course materials and videos. The videos can be watched directly on the website or could be redirected to Youtube.

Your course materials are available in PDF format and may be downloaded to your Google Drive for further study at your leisure.

Always check your schedule or the academic calendar to see when tests and examinations are scheduled so you can prepare.




Assessments, tests, and examinations will be located within your course materials, as seen in the image above. Questions for each subject will be published during test and exam week. You will be given a time limit, and you must endeavor answer and submit before the time limit expires. When the timer runs out and the session is closed, the answers will be submitted automatically.


When the time for your project comes, a link to upload your project topics for approval will be made available among your course materials. Once you have uploaded your project topics, your project supervisor will contact you via email and approve one project topic for you to work on.


Students have the option of doing their defense on campus or through ZOOM. A date for your defense will be set towards the end of your program, and you can choose to conduct it on campus or online.


After the successful completion of your program, the graduation, which is every student’s dream will take place.

This convocation ceremony will be hosted by some top schools in Benin Republic; IUMA and ISCG University.

International students will be awarded certificates from MANUPAL University in India and Dubai, and also, TRIUNE BIBLICAL University, USA.

Medical students on the other hand will be duly honored by MOUNTAIN-TOP University and INTERNATIONAL University of BAMENDA, Cameroun.

Leadpreneur Academy is a world-class Academic platform in partnership with world-class universities across the globe to produce world-class graduates and leaders.

In conclusion, studying with Leadpreneur Academy gives you the educational experience and advantage over your peers. What matters most to us is the life skills you learn and the impact you have as an Entrepreneur and leader in your society and the world at large.

Leadpreneur Academy online study process has been detailed in this article. If you encounter any issues at any point, do not hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp by tapping on the WhatsApp button on your left-hand side or simply click here

Meanwhile, you can browse through Leadpreneur Academy student testimonials here

If you wish to apply for admission click on the link below and fill out the application form. You will be contacted after filing out the form.