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Multidimensional Andragogic: Principles of student "self instruction", (with guidance), collaborative development of curriculum unique to each student, and flexibility of time and place of study, provides the ideal learning environment.


Our Primary goal at Atlantic International University is to accommodate adult students by meeting their individual needs. For this reason, our degree programs are flexible and have been designed for accelerated completion.


we believe Education is a fundamental Human Right. Programs are based on androgyny, open learning and ornithology. This paradigm shift in educational methodology increase access and affordability


Leadpreneur Academy is the bridge so you can achieve your dreams. We are a higher learning institution concerned about generating cultural development alternatives likely to be sustained in order to lead to a more efficient administration of the world village and its environment; exerting human and community rights through diversity with the ultimate goal of the satisfaction and evolution of the world. Whether you are looking for undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate online programs. Leadpreneur Academy will support you to achieve your goals as we did with thousands of our international Alumni.

Leadpreneur academy degree program

Affiliate Universities


International University and Administration (IUMA UNIVERSITY) Cotonou Benin Replubic, top accredited benin republic university, nysc guaranteed and nuc approved INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT AND ADMINISTRATION Cotonou benin republic admission application form is available for all fresh and transfer students.


Manipal University is a globally engaged institution with active partnership with more than 220 leading universities around the globe. In relations with institutions, government agencies and organisations in study, research and service provide faculty and students access to world-class institutions. It has been granted Institution of Eminence status by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.


Poma International Business University (PIBU), formerly known as Poma International Business Academy (PIBA), was established in 2007 as a small institution called the International Entrepreneurship and Management Academy (IEMA) offering entrepreneurship and management courses relevant to the Republic of Benin and foreign business environment.


The High School of Management and Technology also known in French as Haute Ecole de Gestion et de Technologie (HEGT Benin Republic) offers courses that allow its students to be leaders forged in the vision of a new Africa. The one that reacts in favor of the expectations of the youth in terms of quality of teaching and especially of employment.

Leadpreneur Academy Degree Program Virtual Campus

Access to hundreds of new online courses which you can select from.The Goal is a highly targeted curriculum with relevant academic content. During Phase One of the program students define the content of their academic journey keeping in mind their past, present, and most importantly future goals. Thus the program seeks for the student to define their future goals and dreams and work towards achieving them as part of their Leadpreneur Academy  journey. Whether we are conscious of it or not, we all seek a purpose in life and the Leadpreneur Academy Degree Program encourages you to find it and discover the rewards of of doing what you were always meant to do in life.

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Leadpreneur academy degree program

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We provide you with many tools to ensure your success. Most important of all, every Leadpreneur Academy student is assigned to the following:

24/7 Support team

Once you login to the student section of your Leadpreneur Academy Virtual Campus, communications and assignments can be send directly to your tutor and academic advisor for any question you may have. They will respond within 24-48 hours. 24/7 access to Distance learning: Complete assignments online or offline for your convenience. Step by Step guides including video, explanation and example for each course. All materials can be access on all web browsers as well as via Leadpreneur Academy Degree Program Mobile App which brings all the features of the Virtual Camus to your Mobile Device. Direct interaction with all aspects of the university including advisor and tutor.


The Leadpreneur Academy online Library holdings are constantly being updated. A new record is added every 10 seconds ensuring the research material available is at the cutting edge and keeping up our rapidly changing world.


Leadpreneur Academy is implementing an "Open Access" Initiative with academic work, select courses, scientific research, projects, and other scholarly work by students, faculty, and other contributors seeking increased access to Higher Education by making learning materials and research Publicly Accessible.


As an international Academy catering to a wide range of students with different needs, we have established partnerships with leading companies/institutions to help students find the assistance they need to further their education.

Students reviews

Admitted from Got Talent Show Lokoja organized by Mina'am Entertainment and Event in partnership with Leadpreneur Academy and BenInfo 247, and I am one of the beneficiary of their scholarship awarded to the winners. I am currently studying Bsc Computer Science in Leadpreneure Academy.
Alfa Muhammed Muktar
Alfa Muhammed Muktar
Data Analyst
I study on Campus, this gives me the opportunity to benefit from the numerous workshop and Practicals. I also love the virtual learning.
leadpreneur academy testimonial
Oyeniswe Emmanuel
I’m thankful and really Grateful for the opportunity I get to have studied business administration at Leadpreneur Academy when I thought there was no hope again, looking back after my Nysc all I can say is thank you Almighty God.
Marvellous Omonefe Akporugo
Marvellous Omonefe Akporugo

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The University provides its students with a wealth of research material just a click or brief search away. With access to a worldwide union catalog created and maintained collectively by more than 9,000 member institutions, Leadpreneur Academy Degree Program students are assured an excellent research tool for their study programs. Learn more about our Archived Recommended Readings, Optional Assignments, Open Courses, Archived Webinars/Video Conferences
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