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Distance Learning Scholarship Opportunity-Leadership Entrepreneur Academy “LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY” An academia design to help you earn mastery skills, First degree and also postgraduate degrees from the comfort of your home. We in Leadpreneur Academy understand the deeper reason for being an entrepreneur/Leader or starting your business or becoming skillful. In Leadpreneur Academy, we believe that everyone is capable of attaining any height in the world of Education without being limited to the four walls of school.


The Leadpreneur Academy Scholarship is a program aimed at supporting vibrant and hardworking persons who wish to further their Education to the level of BSC and from the comfort of their homes while they continue with other Jobs.

The distance learning scholarship primarily put in place as a platform for Professional & Skilled individual to upgrade their knowledge and expertise, without quitting or losing their means of live hood.

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All Your Questions Answered!
You will graduate as a normal Student, No different because you study same materials and wrote same Exams

Absolutely No, The online different between you and campus is mode of Learning. It has nothing to do with your certificate status.

Absolutely Yes, Certificate comes from our Accredited Partners

No is not for everybody. Only for Skilled and working class and Entrepreneurs.

Why Gain a Degree from Leadpreneur Academy

We are the number one online and offline Academy rendering educational services, we partner with over 12 top accredited Universities in the Benin Republic in Management and social science for our Degree.

High Quality, Lower Cost

Save up to 65% by studying online. Online learning gives you access to modern education at a fraction of the cost of the chosen programme.

Easy, Quick, Registration Process

You can easily apply and start learning, benefiting from a state-of-the-art online virtual environment!

Flexible, 24/7 Online Access

No fixed study hours, no ground rules. Adjust your studying schedule to suit your needs. The only requirement is to keep up with your deadlines.

Fee Structure

This scholarship scheme is strictly for serious minded persons. It enables you to make part payment of the tuition fee on any course of your choice at the BSC degree level as shown below:

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