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MSc in Internet Marketing

MSc in Internet Marketing – Companies are increasingly allocating resources to (online) interactive marketing strategies such as advertising in online platforms (e.g. search engines, social networking). Dynamic pricing/ promotions (e.g. daily deals) and targeting consumers using pervasive computing technologies (e.g. location based targeting in mobile platforms). Simultaneously, technology has also empowered consumers to have a significant voice in the success or failure of brands through social media platforms, such as social networking, product reviews/ recommendations and blogs. Hence it is important for marketers to understand the implications of these technologies, associated strategies and underlying theories for effective decision-making in digital platforms.


At the end of the course, it is expected that students will be able

  •  Understand the strategic and economic issues in interactive marketing.
  •  Gain some insight into the technologies that underlie various online marketing techniques.
  •  Develop analytical abilities to untangle issues related to online marketing through cases
    and assignments.

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