MSc in Advertising Course Overview

MSc in Advertising – Advertising is considered as one of the Glamorous activity in the present market scenario. Because Consumer has to decide which product to buy and which product to refuse. The importance of consumer is increasing as initially they were only concerned for purchasing, but now they are concerned with information which can be provided through Advertisement. The process of development coupled with increasing liberalization and globalization across the country. It has enabled consumers to realize their increasingly important role in society and governance.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the concept of Integrated Marketing Communication.
  • Understand the concept of advertising.
  •  Discuss the basic economic impact of advertising.
  •  Explain the different job functions and responsibilities of those employed in advertising.
  •  Recognize some of the social and ethical implications of advertising.
  •  Identify the methods used for market segmentation and audience targeting.
  •  Discuss influences that affect consumer behavior.
  •  Explain the methods used in marketing and advertising research.
  •  Indetity and Explaining  the role of marketing and advertising planning.
  •  discuss/expatiate the role and methods of media planning.
  •  Explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of using various forms of media.


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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 26 Topics
  • 3 Assessments

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