Our Human Resource Management (HRM) degree course will give you an excellent basis for a career in HR in a range of organisations. You’ll leave as a ‘business ready’ graduate, a confident, independent thinker, with the skills to adapt rapidly to change.

As a human resources specialist, you will learn how businesses can get the most out of their employees, and develop the skills for successful people management.

You will learn about key concepts such as managing people, operations, marketing and finance; and learn what businesses need to do to operate effectively and ethically in a culturally diverse environment.

In readiness for your future career, you will acquire key attributes employers value, such as commercial acumen, self-reflection and emotional intelligence, and gain skills in research and project management.

You will finish the course confident in your personal values, with the knowledge and experience to solve business problems ethically and an ongoing passion for personal and professional development.

This degree includes an option for a 4 month work placement after year two, to give you first-hand experience to develop your career and apply what you’ve learned.

What to Learn

Year one

  • Establish an overview of business organisations in a global context and be introduced to key areas of business such as finance, marketing and management.
  • Develop and track your own increasing ability to add value to organisations, through our Business Readiness and Extended Academic Induction modules.
  • Understand your role in a team, and learn to recognise your personal strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment and reflection.
  • Practise these skills through problem-based activities and scenarios.

Year two

  • Continue to develop your business readiness, and be introduced to the theory and practice of managing people and their careers.
  • A key feature of the year is the opportunity to take a semester-long work placement where you can apply theory to practice and develop your employability.
  • Other modules include Managing People and Careers, Contemporary Developments in Employee Relations, and Resourcing and Talent Planning.

Year three

  • Look at human resources management in an international context, and develop an understanding of employment law.
  • Take other modules such as Business Ethics & Responsible Management.
  • Complete a project, focusing on an area of human resources management of your choice.


Job Ready

What is business readiness?

Whether you want to work for a multinational, SME or public sector organisation, our courses equip you with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to succeed in business management. Each of our undergraduate business degrees is underpinned by the idea of ‘job readiness’. It will ensure that when you graduate, you will be able to demonstrate to employers the value that you can add to their organisation.

Why do I need to be business ready?

It is critical that you are able to stand out in the graduate job market. You will be able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills (including critical analysis, problem solving and expressing ideas verbally and in writing), and values, (your work ethos and resilience). These things combined make you ‘business ready’.

Employers desire evidence of professional experience in the role that you are applying for. You will have a wealth of experience gained through your course and through volunteering, part-time work experience, student projects and other activities.


This course will prepare you for working in a variety of HR roles, such as recruitment and selection specialist, employee relations or personnel manager, training and development adviser, diversity and equal opportunity advisor or performance management specialist.


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