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BSc Civil Engineering 400 level

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Engineering programs at Leadpreneur Academy. are designed to produce technically and technologically competent graduates that also have knowledge about the process of engineering – how things are designed, refined, and put into production -while taking into account real-world engineering requirements and constraints. Our engineering programs place emphasis on the design of engineering process, systems, and outputs.

The BSc in Civil Engineering program at Leadpreneur Academy is principally designed to:

  • Prepare graduates for employment in the Civil Engineering and related disciplines in government agencies and the private sector
  • Provide graduates with the basic competencies required to pursue advanced study and research in Civil Engineering and related disciplines and
  • Prepare graduates for leadership opportunities. The program offers instruction and research opportunities in environmental, geotechnical, structural, transportation, and water resources engineering and as well as civil and building engineering quantities.

The objectives of the Civil Engineering program, is to produce high caliber graduates in Civil Engineering using an internationally benchmarked curriculum. The program is therefore designed to provide our students with the knowledge and associated skills in the broad field of civil engineering. Over the four year program, a range of skills-based, generic subjects will be sustained in order to develop the student as a versatile graduate and as a ‘life-long learner’. Students on this program will acquire the basic experimental, design, and communication skills and be prepared for employment in a broad spectrum of civil engineering, or for continued study at the postgraduate level.

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