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Do You Know That Practical Learning Can Have A Significant Impact On Students?

Don’t You Believe That Doing Things Practically Can Enhance Learning Experiences?

Practical learning has been observed and scientifically proven to help students retain information for a longer period of time. Practical learning improves concept understanding more than hearing does. Students begin learning practically at a young age by engaging in activities such as playing outdoor and indoor games, building models and structures, and even observing things in their surroundings.

 It’s A Practical Method Of Learning By – “DOING”

 Can you imagine learning to ride a bike, swim, or play cricket from someone? Consider all of these activities not in a practical sense, but rather within four walls, through a textbook, or on a computer. Do you think you’ll be able to understand these activities through the latter mode?

The main purpose of practical learning is to engage students and develop important skills. It helps students to learn and remember things clearly. Here are a few points on the purpose of practical learning for students.


Practical learning is a task in which students observe and perform tasks on their own. For students, it may differ from reading and listening. It allows you to gain hands-on experience in the learning activities. Students should be allowed to learn in real-life situations.



Learning by doing can aid in the retention of information for a longer period of time.

Learning is quick and simple in practice. It encourages students to learn on their own. While learning, students can quickly become acquainted with the equipment.

Provides students with perfection in all aspects of learning

Students benefit from a better learning environment.

This Assists students in better understanding theory as group activities foster social values such as sharing, cooperation, teamwork, compassion, and so on.


Theoretical learning may provide you with Theoretical Understanding and Clarity about the topic under consideration, as it teaches reasoning, techniques, and knowledge theory. However, “Knowing-How” is preferable to simply knowing where we can understand how things progress one after the other. Practical learning is accomplished by doing things and is based on real-life endeavours and tasks. Using cooking as an example, instead of learning about cooking from books and blogs, put your culinary skills to the test and cook a dish.


Practical Learning Is A Skill That Will Be Remembered For The Rest Of One’s Life. It Is Easier To Remember The Procedure Once You Know What To Do.



LEADPRENEUR ACADEMY is out to offer students a 100% practical learning for every individual to sustain or lead his/her life. It is important that he/she has sufficient knowledge in at least one of the fields. Knowledge is something very important in the life of students. Gaining theoretical knowledge by learning is very important but without practical understanding there is no use of it. It helps them to approach their life with thorough comprehension in any situation. So, learn concepts practically and stimulate the mind.



Leadpreneur Academy has a space for all talented students. Are you talented in ARTS, MUSIC, CUISINE, SPORT, MODELING, SOUND PRODUCTION, VIDEOGRAPHY AND PHOTOGRAPHY, name them. No talent is a waste. Right inside Leadpreneur Academy campus are embedded the various platforms:




Leadpreneur Academy students who are talented in music have access to the studio and have the privilege to record their songs and get it mastered by the producer (student). This in turn breed them into rising stars and ventures them well prepared and equipped for the music industry. Artists who are not students also visit the studio to get their music cover or beats produced.




Have you heard about LEADICIOUS CAFÉ?

Leadpreneur Academy has got a Restaurant situated in the campus. A food plug where people all over Cotonou come to enjoy a taste of African kitchen. Here the students who are talented in cooking business get to practice while they study. They are taught how to manage a restaurant and cooking techniques. Are you a student and you love to cook or desire to be a chef or own your own business? Leadpreneur academy is ready to shape you


Do you love to play soccer, hand ball/volley ball, basketball etc?
Leadpreneur Academy has a beach very close to the campus, Students go there to play soccer and various games. They also compete with other schools playing soccer or basketball, and more.



Leadpreneur Academy has made available the space to empower students who are into photography and videography. They get to practice and acquire a broad knowledge about what media is all about. Most of the graphic designs, video coverage and student pictures are done and edited by students of Leadpreneur Academy. Our students are our models. We make use of what we have. Our students are often time hired to cover an event and are also paid for their services.

These and Lot More Are What Leadpreneur Academy Is All About.


    • You remember better when you do something with your own hands.
    • Experiential learning is promoted by practical work.
    • Self-learning is encouraged by practical work.
    • Practical work allows students to become acquainted with the tools and equipment that they will be required to use.
    • Perfection is attained through practice.
    • One does not become an expert overnight; the more one practices, the more one becomes an expert.
    • Practical work is a welcome diversion from the monotonous lecture method.
    • Students are expected to actively engage in practical activities.
    • Students are more involved in practical work.
    • Theory is supplemented by practical work.
    • Practical assignments are frequently completed in groups. Group work helps to instil social values and values such as sharing, cooperation, team spirit, compassion, and so on.
    • Practical work helps students become more self-sufficient and confident.


This is WHY we inculcate the entrepreneurial spirit which equip them for a bright future and better Africa. We do not intend to help students to become graduates, but to go into the world equipped for and to make exploit. I bet you should be part of this.


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